FST international offers following services:
  1. To customized international product lines to match local customers' needs.
  2. To offer sales and service supports to all of product lines we have handled (Even those products we don't represent now). With our service, it is rare to call service supports from our oversea business partners.
  3. Training and consulting services for  all of product lines.
  4. To help cusotmers survey specific products even we don't represent those products. The goal is to make customers respect our expertise to help them solve their issues. Customer First!!!
  5. To assist product partners to find localized production channels or suppliers to save costs or shorten lead time to satisfy local cusomters not only by product performance, but aslo by better lead time and prices.
Our services are based on 3 major territories:

<Process and Contanmination Analysis:>
  1. Gas analysis for semiconductor, steel, petrochemicals, and biologicals.
  2. Liquid composition analysis for semiconductor process, industrial wastes and reclaimed chemicals.
  3. Environmental analysis: Outdoor and indoor air quality control.
  4. Emission control.
<Production and QC R&D:>
  1. To analyze powder charactoristics for industrial QC and R&D
  2. Thermal process equipments for powder related industries.
  3. Nano grinding and dispersion equipments.
  4. Products mentioend above, to customerize and develop process recipe knowhow.
<Safety and hygiene:>
  1. Toxic gas monitor
  2. VOC and toxic gas leak monitor
  3. Sampling engineering and SCADA