February 2014
​—Founded by Henry Liu in Hsinchu County, Taiwan.
Started to represent  Particle Sizing Systems/USA for semiconductor territory and CMP Slurry application exclusively, and also being the non-exclusive representative to other industires and applications.

March 2014
—Opening at current address, but different floor and room, 6F-2. (Now at 13F-1, double space!)
Got the 1st purchasing order from the wolrd top semiconductor manufacturer. Model name:FX Nano manufactured by Particle Sizing Systmes/ USA.
Started to represent thermal prcoess equipment and consumables from NGK Insulators/ Japan.
April 2014
—Started to represent Global Measurement Technologies, Inc, and won P/Os for more than 30 units in the same year.

May 2014
—Started to represent Micro and Nano grinding, milling and dispersion  equipements from Kotobuki Industries Co., Ltd ( the cmopany name channged to Hiroshima Metal & Machinery (HM&M) in early 2016). Our teritory is exclusively in Taiwan and Mainland China.

—Started to represent process control online instruments from Thermo Fisher Scientific in Taiwan.

—5 Employees.

June 2014
—Became the key distributor for Ionicon Analytik GmbH (PTR-MS, PTR-TOF-MS) in Taiwan. Most of Taiwanese acounts belong to FST.

October 2014
—Double digits to 11 employees, very exciting!

—Got several product lines for gas analysis and process monitor, by time sequences as follows:
♦Precisive (Now a member of MKS Instruments)
♦CIC Photonics (FT-IR System Integration)
♦Boreal Laser (NIR Open Path)
♦Bartec Group (Moisture and Physical Properties)
♦Lumasense (Gas Analysis only)
♦Blue Industries
♦IUT Medical GmbH

November 2014
—Started to invest R&D for new applications of nano grinding and dispersion, and signed an agreement with ITRI (www.itri.org.tw/eng/) to focus on this development (technical details are confidential)

December 2014
—Employees to 13, and revenue to ~60M NTD (about 2M USD).

March 2015
—Employees to 15.

June 2015
—​Started to invest R&D for new materials, and signed an agreement with ITRI (www.itri.org.tw/eng/ ) again. The RD target is to develop new catalysts to reduce chemical wastes from semiconductor industry.
September 2015
—Started to represent DoD Technologies in Taiwan and Mainland China.
—Due to this expansion, to start up our office in Shanghai.

October 2015
—Revenue reached 100M NTD (about 3M USD)

November 2015
—Employees to 18. DoD Technologies won a project from one of major semiconductor companies in the world.

December 2015
—Revenue reached 150M NTD (about 5M USD)
February 2016
—Due to the new project generated by the new product line, DoD Technologies, built up our new branch office in Taichung (middle of Taiwan).
—Employees to 19.
—DoD Technologies won another key semiconductor expansion in the north Taiwan.
December 2017
—Employees to 19.
December 2018
—Revenue reached 240M NTD (about 8M USD)
--Employees to 49 people
Keep expanding.......