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High quality setter and Mesh and ceramic device
  1. Honeycomb Setter-
    • Honeycomb setter is the completely new type of kiln furniture for firing electronic components. This new product was developed from our original technology of porous ceramics. Also, in the case of chemical reaction problem with products and setter, we an suggest our original non-reaction coating.
    • Ultra light Weight- Small heat ccapaccity/ Stable temperature profile
    • Honeycomb Structure-Debinding efficiently/Suitable rapid-firing profile/ Exellent thermal conductivity/small frictional resistance
  2. Si-SiC
    • NEWSIC has superior acid corrosion-resistance and durability, therefore, it withstands the long use at high temperature. NEWSIC is also outstanding for its super high strength, which is five times as strong as the former materials of SiC heat-resistant refractories. This makes it possible to thin the refractory walls; as a result, the lightweight refractories become available. NEWSIC is indispensable to the shelves in the furnace