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IMS: Ion Mobility Spectrometer
  • IMS can be used alone or in complex gas with the use of gas chromatography (GC-IMS)
  • do not use radioactive ion source control, and the use of hydrogen-3 (tritium) as the ion source, the ion source of the ion source in Europe and America generally recognized as safe, do not need an administrator to manage radiation protection
  • can measure a variety of inorganic and organic gases. They include chlorine, hydride, cyanide, halide, sulphide various types of inorganic nitrogen and chlorine-containing acid-fluorophenyl naphthyl thiocyanate and other organic vapors various structures (VOC)
  • high sense up to Low ppb
  • a machine can be set up to 16 gas
  • Small, portable, wall, or placed in a standard 19 "rack