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Couplings / Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)
When coupling a Thermal Analyzer with a Quadrupole Mass spectrometer (QMS), FTIR (Fourier Transfor­med Infrared Spectrometer) or Gas-Chromatograph coupled Mass spectrometer (GCMS) outgassing pro­ducts can be determined and identified. The signal can then be time wise correlated with the signals received by the Thermal Analyzer and also event triggered analysis of the evolved gases is possible.
With the optional Pulse – Analysis of the outgassings can be quantified using OMS, FTIR as well as GCMS.


Download :  Linseis Couplings Overview
Download :  Linseis Pfeiffer QMS Coupling L81
Download :  Linseis Couplings Overview
Download :  Linseis Couplings Overview