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Automatic Foreign Particle Scanning Analyzer & Sorting Machine
CALPAS, Intelligent Foreign Particle Analyzer

CALPAS (Color Analysis for Particulate System) is designed to analyze the foreign materials that arise unexpectedly in pellet and powder systems from the petrochemical, plastic, food, and pharmaceutical industries. A quality management system must monitor impurities from production in order to ensure high-quality outcomes.

Measurement of foreign objects is an important factor in determining a product's quality standard, and only continuous analysis can immediately determine quality. Passive sample analysis performed by humans requires a lot of manpower, and due to human limitations, such analysis is often difficult to conduct. Maintaining stable and consistent product quality—monitoring and controlling the entire process to determine product grade change for “grade pass”—requires a continuous and consistent grasp of quality to optimize production. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the recording and sharing of processes and real-time information through the control process is becoming an essential element in the emerging smart manufacturing industry.

For the purpose of the removal and removal, it is expected not only to automate production but also to save money on further investment. The CALPAS online foreign material automatic measuring device, applied to the production site, can be used in a very simple way to quickly and in real time determine the status or quality of the currently manufactured product—and to transfer, store, and use that result.



  • Auto Start and Stop
  • Real-Time Gallery Function
  • Real-Time Information on Size and Shape
  • Real-Time Statistics
  • User-Specific Scaling
  • Tracing and Deleting of Doublets
  • Coarse Tuning & Fine Tuning
  • Size Definition by User or Standard
  • Various Size and Shape Evaluation Functions (Feret Max, Feret Min, Feret Mean, EQPC, Aspect Ratio, Sphericity, Convexity, Fiber)
  • Foreign Shape Analysis
  • Online System Using Sampler and PLC
  • Result Data Transfer (PLC)
  • Both Side Detection
  • Foreign Pellet Sorting



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