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Ultra Apex Mill (UAM)-High effieiency bead mill
Ultra Apex Mill is an extremely simple apparatus comprising the Centri-Separator utilizing the centrifugal force only to separate beads from slurry and the Rotor Pin to stir the beads. The operation is conducted in the following manner:
 Agglutinated particulate slurry is fed from the bottom of the disperser while the beads filled up inside the mill are being stirred up by the rotor pin, so that the slurry is kept scattering and spreading as the result of contact with beads fiercely moving inside the machine, and eventually reaches the upper part of the disperser.
 After reaching the upper part, the contents are subject to centrifugal separation by Centri-Separator based on the difference in specific weight, then the beads continue to stay inside the machine and the product slurry alone is discharged to the outside of the machine passing through the hollow shaft.
 As for the components other than the mill, there are a raw liquid pump and a slurry tank to enable a cycle operation as a common running method, in which the discharged product slurry return to the slurry tank to be brought back again into the mill.
 The system can be applied to almost all materials intended to nano and submicron processing.