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Ceramic Rotary Filter- A New Type of Filtering Equipment Employing Ultra Microporous Ceramic filter
The Ceramic Rotary Filter enables the filtration of nano particles through the employment of ceramic filters provided with ultra microporous, introducing the principle of cross-flow filtration.
 The pore diameter of a ceramic filter is 7 nm in its minimum, which produces a clean filtrate.
 In the fully enclosed filtration chamber, disk-shaped ceramic filters are arranged on the shaft as if threaded on to a skewer, and these ceramic filters are revolved at a high speed during filtering operation.
 Raw slurry is pressure fed from one side of the filtration chamber, and the filtrate passing through the ceramic filter is discharged to outside flowing through the hollow portion inside the shaft. In the ceramic rotary filter, the cyclic filtration perpetually returning the concentrated slurry into the tank and the rinsing of solutes contained in the liquid (removal of impurities) are also practicable as in the case of the rotary filter.
  • Ceramic filter specification (2um、0.5um、0.2um、60nm、30nm、7nm)
  • Application
  • Washing /concentration of nano slurry
  • Removal of nano-size suspended solids
    Other precision filtration