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High Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimetry (HDSC) expands the temperatur range of DSC up to 1750 °C. It is the mostpopular thermal analysis tech¬nique that measures endothermic and exothermic transitions as a function of temperature. 
• Endothermic = heat flows into a sample 
• Exothermic = heat flows out of the sample 
LINSEIS offers a unique line of high temperature DTA and DSC systems.

High Temperature DSC/DTA PT 1600
This is the most common thermal analysis method due to its wide range of information provided. The LINSEIS high temperature DTA/DSC is designed to deliver highest calorimetric sensitivity, short time constants and a condensation free sample chamber. These features guarantee superior resolution and baseline stability over the entire instrument lifetime. This provides an indispensable tool for material development, R&D and quality control.
The modular concept of the DSC and DTA systems allows the use of different furnaces with a temperature range from -150 up to 2400°C. The system has different measuring systems for DSC and DTA and many different crucibles. The vacuum tight design enables quantitative enthalpy and Cp (Specific Heat) determination under the cleanest atmospheres and under vacuum up to 10E-5mbar. The systems can also be coupled to a MS or FTIR.

DSC PT1600 & DTA PT1600 Specification

Download :  Differential Scanning Calorimeter - DSC PT1600 Product brochure
Download :  Differential Thermal Analysis - DTA DSC PT1600 Product brochure