FST International was founded in Feb. 2014.

Our company is still young, but most of our partners and employees have more than a decade of expereinces in specific territories. Due to our exsiting expereinces, businesses, and product lines, we grew very fast and we are profitable even in the 1st and 2nd years till now.

Our current product lines are mainly from the U.S. and Japan, and we also have prodcuts from Austria, Germany, and the UK. Considering cost-effective solutions for specific customers, products from the great China area are also imported, so that we can offer a turnkey package to save time and money for customers.

Our major expereinces:
  • Gas analytical instruments, such as On-Line process MS, FT-IR, NDIR, electrochemical sensors etc, our expereince is  >20 years.
  • Wet chemical analysis, and chemcial concentrations in solvent, our experience is  >10 years.
  • Powder process and characteristics, our experience is  >15 years.
  • Toxic gas monitor and related system integrations, our experience is  >30 years.