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Dual Apex Mill (DAM)-High efficiency two shaft bead mill(soft energy、soft grinding and dispersion)

Improved efficiency of nano-dispersion:
 Utilization of microbeads is possible from the molecular-scale of 0.015 mm owing to the introduction of Centri-Separator utilizing the centrifuge for beads separation, and hence realization of atomization down to the primary particle in the nanometer domain with substantial increase in the speed of dispersion.
Preservation of the surface conditions of nanoparticles and crystalline properties:
 Based on the practicability of the control of dispersing dynamics, nano dispersion can be achieved while preserving the surface conditions and crystalline properties of nanoparticles.
Lower thermal impact :
 Owing to the low power drive, dispersion process is conducted at a low temperature, offering effectual results in cases where material vulnerable to thermal conditions and/or organic solvent are used.
Satisfactory running conditions:
 Clogging and biting of beads likely to occur in the conventional slit and screen configuration are completely absent thanks to beads separation utilizing centrifugal force, thereby realizing a stable as well reliable machine operation.
Necessity of maintenance – Rare:
 Since the supply pressure during operation is low around the level of 0.05 - 0.1 MPa, with very small load applied to the body and peripheral equipment, resulting in the prolonged service life with rare-necessity of maintenance.
 Necessity of Pre-dispersion - Rare :
 There is absolutely no need to worry about the clogging in the beads separating section, hence almost no need for pre-dispersion of raw slurry as well as simplification of preceding process.
Laminated ceramic capacitor materials, organic pigments, liquid crystal pigments, conductive paints, fuel cell catalysts, anti-reflection coating materials, membrane surface curing materials, ultrared/ultraviolet shielding materials, photocatalyst materials, electronic materials, cosmetics, low environment load ceramics, copper, silver, nano silver, and so on