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High speed disperser
High speed disperser(hydraulic lifting)has dispersing and mixing function.It is used for mass production.Equipment with inverter has stepless speed,can operate for a long time.It has stable running and low noise.Mixing disc is easy to be replaced and can change different forms of dispersing discs according to production technology.Lifting structure adopts hydraulic cylinder as actuator,stable lifting ,integrated hydraulic station,environmental and without leakage.It is an ideal dispersing machine for materials with many varieties and many colors.
Material viscosity:≦30,000cps
Production capacity:0-10000L
Application industry:suitable for dispersing, mixing materials in industries such as biology,pharmacy,food,paint,ink,pigment,dyestuff,fertilizer,coating,cosmetics,
pesticide,electronic paste,adhesion agent etc.
Applicable material:materials under 30,000cps viscosity,and solid content under 80% of all kinds of slurry such as emulsion paint,industrial paint,water-based ink,pesticides,