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Rotary Filter Closed-type automated pressurized continuous filter
  • Labor-saving:Disassembly and set-up of frame are unnecessary owing to continuous cake discharge and automatic reverse washing mechanism (fully automated continuous operation).
  • Mother liquid replacing rinsing
     Rinsing of high replacing rate is attainable with a limited amount of rinsing water. Precision washing in a slurry state is also possible. 
  • Compact design
     Space conservation thanks to high processing capacity per unit filtration area
  • Clear filtrate
     Particles ranging from submicron to 100 micron can be completely trapped
  • Enhanced safety
     High safety is ensured for the filtration of toxic substance such as acid and alkaline due to completely enclosed structure
  • Facile concentration control
     Control of cake concentration adapted to the post-process can be conducted with ease.
  • Application
    Precision washing of electronic materials
     Washing /dewatering of magnetic materials
     Washing /dewatering of metallic hydroxides/oxides
     Washing /dewatering of ceramics materials
     Washing /dewatering of battery materials
     Dewatering of nucleus laundry drainage