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DOD CL1 Gas Monitor
 The ChemLogic Continuous Single Point Gas Monitor is the next generation of interference free, low maintenance colorimetric gas detection. This system is simple to install and utilizes ¼” tubing to allow the sample to be drawn up to 150feet(45m).
The ChemLogic Continuous Single Point Gas Monitor provides relay and analog outputs.
This new innovative gas detection system enables customers to experience advanced technology at a lower initial investment and reduced cost of ownership.
Several key features and benefits:
New Intelligent Optics => Reduced Maintenance and Risk of False Alarms
Optimized Flow System => Faster Response
2 Month Cassette Life => Reduced Operating Cost
ChemLogic Technology => Field Proven Reliability
SD Memory Card => Easily Retrievable Data
Real Time Display => Quick Real Time Information
Complete Front Access => Easy to Service
Touch Screen Control => Easy to Startup & Operate
Compact Size => Simple to Install
Remote Reset => Ideal for Process Applications
Tape Saver Mode => Reduces Tape Usage During High Concentrations